PRP / Vampire Facial

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial

Venusa Spa we often focus on the hottest trend or technology that will transform skin and help us look as youthful as we feel. But sometimes, going back to basics and reimagining time-honored techniques can be just as good for our skin (if not better!) and produce amazing results. As we like to say, what’s old can be new again. That’s what leads us to platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, a technique that involves drawing your blood, and separating out the protein and growth-factor-rich plasma from the sample which can be used in your body and on your skin for regenerative, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating purposes.
For a long time, the power of our body’s own natural growth factors to stimulate healthy new tissue and collagen has been harnessed in the medical community. Look no further than sports, orthopedic and regenerative medicine and the idea of PRP is practically archaic. It’s been used to promote healing, calm inflammation and support arthritis and joint recovery. It was only a matter of time before this protocol was applied to the largest organ in the body: the skin.

First, What Really Is Platelet-rich Plasma And How Is It Processed?

Most of our blood is made up of liquid plasma but it also contains many rich components including red and white blood cells and platelets. Platelets help our blood to clot, and they also contain countless proteins called growth factors which are key to helping injuries heal. The key to harnessing platelets in our blood for ‘good’, is to draw a blood sample and then process it using a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other parts of the blood. Once we have this concentrated ‘liquid gold’, it can be used for several forms of treatment. Most commonly we hear about it as part of treatment for high-level athletes who may be suffering from injuries (sprained knees, tendonitis, etc.). In our industry, we use PRP to care for the skin.

How to get the Plasma


Pyrogen Free


Optimum Platelet Recovery: 87% +/-10%


FDA Clearance: 501(k) number: BK110035


Convenient Procedure: Takes less than 30 minutes


Small Volume of Blood Required: Better patient tolerance


Best Value – Highest Volume PRP Yield: ~6 mLs of PRP per 10 mL tube


Pure PRP: High-tech gel removes ~97.8% contaminating red blood cells


Consistent Platelet Concentration: Allowing for predictable performance


No Foreign Components: Virtually eliminates the rise of adverse reactions

How it Works?

Micro-Needling is a technique that utilizes a device with fine micro-needles to remold the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels through the skin, to activate the body’s healing cascade which in turn increases the formation of new tissue. This treatment is also known as a non-ablative skin treatment. Through this treatment, the deeper parts of the skin are treated without removing the top layer of the skin. This treatment is designed to treat various skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, light scarring from acne, and to improve skin color.

In principle, the micro-needling is a similar process to any other non-surgical skin-tightening procedure in that it aims a controlled Non-Thermal injury underneath the skin. Therefore inducing the body to respond through the formation of new layers of elastin and collagen fibers as well as new capillaries for an improved blood supply in the treated area. Whenever we can generate openings in the skin we have an opportunity for topical to penetrate more readily through the channels created.


Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentration of platelets which circulate through the blood. Produced from an individual’s own blood, these concentration of cells are critical for blood clotting. The liquid plasma and platelets of the blood are required for cell recruitment and essential for cell multiplication and cell specialization that is required to promote the conditions for healing. Plasma MicroNeedling provides patients with the best enriched plasma.



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